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Kabuki Top - Navy


Kabuki is a game changer when it comes to pole wear. We understand that everyone has different body shapes. Everyone has a particular preference when it comes to fit. And everyone deserves to customise their fit. We’ve create this piece with QUATRO adjustable straps – that’s right.. let it sink in. Large traps, small traps, wide lats, narrow lats broad shoulders, small shoulders, small boobs, big boobs, small boob with large lats, big boobs with small lats – did we cover them all?

Furthermore, we present:

  • Halter neck sports bra design to keep the girls in place
  • Firm 3cm customised metallic elastic around the under bust for support.
  • We use power mesh fabric so even the sharpest nails are going to have to put up a fight – booyah.
  • Moisture wicking and 4 way stretch metallic fabric to give you the ultimate comfort during a solid and sweaty workout.
  • Removable moderate push up padding for the girls that need extra girls 😉
  • Sizing Tip: Size up if you are between sizes