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PJ EXCLUSIVE: sneak preview of new collections…landing soon!

While Team PJ travel back from the desert of pole fabulousness and we’re living vicariously through all the Pole Expo pics, I’m super excited to be able to get the latest scoop on what’s coming through for Pole Junkie this season!

From velvets and lace to knee pads and leg warmers, the team have pulled out the stops to reveal their newest arrivals, hot off the press! Prepare your purses…these beauties are a pole shopaholic’s dream!  

Bad Kitty Lace PoleFit in Purple, Red & Teal

We all loved the nude lace collection from Bad Kitty at the beginning of the year. Now the geniuses at BK have released three new colours purple, red and teal; and (get ready for this) these little numbers are currently exclusive to Pole Junkie in the UK! 

The tops come in three styles; Peekaboo (black mesh cleavage), V front (adjustable flat bra clasp with adjustable neck strap) and the new High Neck Crop top style and the shorts have been finished in the well-loved magical Brazil style.

With the black mesh and floral overlaying these new colours, the illusion of layered fabrics gives even more stand out.

All three colours are available to order online from Thursday 15th September.

Bad Kitty Lace PoleFit in PurpleBad Kitty Lace PoleFit in Teal

Rad – New Velvet Releases

Known for their sexy fashionable style, RAD excels when it comes to high-end luxurious looking polewear. As the autumn season brings a mass of textures, RAD stay true to being fashion forward in releasing new velvet ranges due to land online with us by the end of the month.

The new high waisted Eve shorts come in black, red and navy, they still have the same sexiness of the Peru shorts with a soft leg hole finish and scrunch butt but now with a higher waist – perfect for elongating your legs <3

The Monica top will now be released in red which I’m personally very happy about as this style suits every poler’s body shape and feel’s so luxurious on. The black top sold out really quick though so get your fingers ready to add to the basket when it drops!

I’m especially excited about the new black Moon top. A velvet halter neck with a mesh panel down the front will flatter anyone’s chest. You could even wear this top on a night out with a high waisted skater skirt – for ultimate fashionista goals!

The ever popular Eve halter neck top will also be released in a deep navy and last but not least, the most exciting release for RAD are the new velvet leg warmers! These thigh high beauties are the same stretch fabric as the leggings, perfect for dancing in and the stirrup ends will work perfectly with pleasers or bare foot. Velvet leg warmers will be available in black, red, pink and blue….don’t know about you, but I’m buying all 4!

Rad Eve halterneck in NavyRad Black moon top Rad Monica top

Poledancerka – kneepads and brand new shorts

Relatively new to Pole Junkie, this brand has a contemporary, innovative style which is continuing to grow. We have all been excited at the revolutionary new knee pads that were released at the beginning of the year. Now Poledancerka have released a new army leopard print to their designs which gives you even more colourways to team with your polewear. The new style have the same stylish quilted pattern at the front and an exposed back with a sticky pvc side to allow for knee hangs and pole grips. These have just been released on the website today (Tuesday 13th September) - check them out here.

Army Leopard kneepadsArmy Leopard print kneepadsArmy leopard print knee pads

And as if new patterns weren’t enough…..I’m excited to reveal the newest release of polewear from Poledancerka – Up-Down Micro Shorts. With a soft Lycra finish, 4-way stretch and no waistband, these new breathable shorts can be worn high or low waisted and better yet they are so smooth that you can wear them under dresses or skirts – perfect for those opportune street pole moments! The new range comes in Black, Ivory White or Army Leopard and have also been released today - click here to take a closer look.

Another new polewear release for Poledancerka is the simple yet beautiful Fiocco top. With a deep neckline at the back and ribbon across the shoulders, this top looks effortlessly flattering. Black works well with any colour so this staple piece would go with any piece from your poledrobe!  Now available here.

EXCLUSIVE: Marlo Fisken Flow Pants

I’m totally biased with this new range but am bursting at the seams with this news! Marlo Fisken Flow pants are coming to Pole Junkie….exclusively in Europe!

If you know much about Marlo you’ll know she is the Queen of fluid movement. Her flow pants are true to her vision of how the body should move – however it wants to.  These awesome designs sit light on your body whilst allowing freedom of movement and the light elastic at the waistband, combined with the harem pockets and silky fabric makes them feel extra comfy.

Priced from £74 these bottoms come in 5 different designs (I want all of them!) and are perfect for stretch classes, warm ups, floorwork or just hanging out when it’s a lazy day! Grab yourself a pair quick….flow pants will be available from Wednesday 14th September and I have no doubt these will fly off the shelf!

So now the biggest question of all for you polejunkini’s……what new items will be going straight in your basket?!

Happy Shopping!

Dominique x

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Gem - September 14, 2016

Ermergerd!! <3 <3 <3 Such beautiful pieces here! Love them- and want them ALL!!! The Rad Velvet top with the mesh panel is gorgeous… and the new Bad Kitty lace items are so pretty- and you just know they’re going to look awesome on! Nice work as always PJ :)

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