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Party in the U.S.A (+ our travelling essentials)

The countdown to Pole Expo 2017 is on and Heather and I are heading to the States on Monday to explore the Pacific Coast before the Expo madness begins. We are still planning our itinerary (better late than never eh?) so if any of you beautiful people have recommendations for San Fran/Los Angeles or anywhere in between then leave us a message in the comments section.

Whether you are heading to Expo or have a late summer holiday lined up, I’ve put together my ultimate travel essentials to help a (pole) sister out. 

Airport Chic

I don’t know about you but COMFORT is my number one priority on a long haul flight (I am such a granny...) - who wants to be confined to skinny jeans and a bra when you’ve got 10+ motionless hours of travel? I've included my go to pieces below.

Featured: Startdust Leggings (£40, RAD), Nicole Geisha Sports bra (£37, Dragonfly), Ambigram Hoodie (£38, Ambigram Apparel by Sarah Scott) 

Swimwear - Sorted

Summer seem to have missed Scotland again this year so we’ll be fitting in some beach time along with the inevitable pool parties during Expo. Luckily RAD have got us covered with their hot range of bikinis which are now 40% off at Pole Junkie - shop discounted swimwear here.


 Featuring: Tropic Bikini - Mango, Rope Bikini - Indigo, Sunny Days Bikini - Coral (from £16,  RAD)

Workshop Wears

I’ll be squeezing in some pole sessions at BeSpun while we are in LA and doing workshops at Pole Expo so I’ll be packing some of my current favourite polewear pieces to take with me.

 Featuring: Art Set - Magenta (Top £32, Shorts £28, RAD), Yonce Bodysuit (£40, Luna Polewear), Blue Holographic Flamingo Heels (£88, Pleaser USA), Kneepads (£30, Poledancerka), back warmer (£25, Dragonfly)

PJ never sleeps 

Never fear, while we are away its business as usual for Pole Junkie - orders will still be dispatched at lightening speed so your polewear needs will be more than satisfied.

To keep up with all things Expo, make sure you are following us at @pole_junkie on Instagram. We’ll be updating out story with behind the scenes action and exclusive sneak peeks of the Autumn/Winter collections that will be making their way on to the pages of Pole Junkie over the next few months.


Happy Friday! xox



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Poledancerka have released Hot Pink knee pads and we're obsessed!

Here's how to wear them. 

Spring is here and 'tis the season to be PINK. Right on cue our favourite pole accessories brand has released their famous knee pads in hot pink. Here they are...

Get your mitts on all the new hot pink kit right here.

Same functional kneepad with chic quilted padding and faux leather side grip panels but now in our favourite colour! What to wear with them you ask? Poledancerka have you covered with their NEW Alto shorts and block coloured matching Micro shorts...

Up Down Micro shorts £26 | Kneepads £29

Complete the look with your favourite black top and Sky 7" Chromes. Here's our PJ pick...

Kneepads £29 | Sky 7" Chromes £60 | Alto Shorts £31 | Bisera Top £72

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @pole_junkie and #teamPJ ;) 

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Studio Spotlight: Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam

Studio Spotlight: Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam

The next studio under the Pole Junkie spotlight is Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam owned by one of my all time pole idols Tatjana van Onna. With many competition titles to her name including Benelux pole dance champion 2014 and Pole Theatre UK Classique Pro Champion 2016, Tatjana is known for her flawless exotic choreography and fluid transitions. I visited PDFA to attend their first Exotic Pole Camp in early March 2017 and it is one of the most beautiful studios I've been to, read on to find out more.

Tell us a little about the history of Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam.

In September 2013 I opened Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam because I couldn't find a pole studio in Amsterdam with the facilities and atmosphere I was looking for. I had my own idea of creating a perfect pole studio and started on my own by teaching 8 classes a week. Three years later, I now have a team of 17 instructors, a schedule of over 65 classes a week and make more than 400 students happy every week with our studios!

We hear you have some exciting news to share with us...

Yes, we have just opened our second home a.k.a pole studio this March! For the last three months we worked really hard on making this dream come true. With a very big thanks to my parents who have always supported me with my pole dance dream, I couldn’t have done it without them. My mum and dad used to build and run gyms so together we designed designed and built the new studio converting it from one big open space.

Tell us about the Pole Dance Factory instructor team.

It honestly feels like one big family. When I started I was alone, three years later I have 16 people around me! I could have never dreamt of a team like this, it is full of fantastic, talented and crazy fun people and everyone has there own unique style and personality and they add that to their classes. If you want to learn creative combo’s you go to Juul, if you like Sexy Pole in a soft and feminine way, you go to Sharon and if you want to work on power tricks and combo’s with some fun 80’s and 90’s music, Anouk is your girl. Or learn a great modern choreo by Maria, handstands by Maddy, Russian Exotic by Anastasiia and no one gives twerk classes like Nicole. I like all the flavours we have at the studio. It excites me!

How would you describe your studio style?

We have a very all round style, we have a class for every pole addict. Of course the majority of the classes are technique classes, though we have a lot of Get Flexy and Sexy Pole classes in our schedule as well. A lot of girls fall in love with dancing on heels as soon as they try it, even when they thought they would never do that in this lifetime - I think it is the attraction of the shiny pleasers we sell in the studio. Our students normally start with taking technique classes and after a little time they will try some other classes like Sexy Pole, Pol’ography, Spinny Pole or Power Pole. I like to see how the students discover their own style.

Tell us about the classes PDFA has to offer. Do you offer non pole classes too?

On our pole schedule we have technique classes (beginners 1, beginners 2, intermediate and advanced), Sexy Pole (different levels), Spinny Pole, Power Pole, Pol'ography, Russian Exotic, Kids Pole and Tricks on Heels. We also offer non-pole classes. We have Get Flexy classes every day of the week, Strength & Flex classes, Handbalancing & acro, Exotic Floorwork, Pilates, Twerk and High Heels.


What makes your studio unique? Why should new students pick your studio?

I think the team, the atmosphere and the studio itself. At our studio you have your own pole during your training. We have 16 poles in each studio, so you don’t have to share your pole with other students like in a lot of other studios. This is a big advantage, especially with choreo. Our instructors really love teaching and you can feel that in their classes. They explain the moves very well and try to keep it challenging for everyone. Often I see them high fiving with their students because they finally nailed their nemesis move. I love those moments!


Which pole star would you love to have at the Pole Dance Factory to teach workshops?

We already invited a lot of Pole stars, like Anastasia Skukhtorova, Marlo Fisken, Amy Hazel, Doris Arnold, Daria Che and a few more. But we would love to invite Olga Trifonova soon, she is an amazing pole artist.

Do you run any shows/ competitions / events?

In 2016 we organised two Summer Pole Camps and they were a great success! We had three days of workshops by Hanka Venselaar, Yvonne Smink, myself and others. We will be organising a Summer Pole Camp again this year and will announce our guest instructors soon. I like the vibe of pole camps, people from all around Europe sharing this big passion for pole. We also just had our first Exotic Pole Camp at the beginning of March which was lots of fun as well! Maybe one day I would like to organise an Exotic Pole Competition, but first Exotic Pole has to grow a little bit more in the Netherlands.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting pole dancing?

If you want to try it, just go for it. Don’t be afraid, the pole community is full of love and very helpful. Always remember that everyone in your class including the teacher started at the same point you are now. Of course some people did gymnastics or dance, but everyone was new to pole dancing one day and everyone has their own pace in learning tricks and building strength and flexibility. Focus on what you have achieved and what your strengths are, rather than focusing on what you are not capable of yet. You will get there, in the mean time, just enjoy the process, work hard and have fun!


To find out more about Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam and their instructors check out their website: and Instagram: poledancefactoryamsterdam

Almost all of the PDFA instructors are also performers and can be booked via and some have their own some have their own website.  Instagram and bookings of our instructors and performers:

Tatjana van Onna:
Resident artist at Supperclub Amsterdam
Instagram: tatjanavanonna
Juul de Metz:
Resident artist at Supperclub Amsterdam
Instagram: peppermetz

Sharon Gieske:
Resident artist at Supperclub Amsterdam
Instagram: sharongieske 

Gabusia Swat (duopartner: Phiranan Waldhober)
Instagram: duopoledancedirectory

Marcela Viola (Silks and Hoop)
Instagram: pulgacion

Nicole Cole (twerk)
Instagram: princess.nicole.cole

Maria Kuchowicz
Resident artist at Supperclub Amsterdam

Anouk Blom
Instagram: nouschkapow

Ilse Winter
Instagram: iris_flirtatious

Anastasiia Yamshikova
Instagram: _yami_yami_

Feliz Eliza
Instagram: feliz.eliza

Valentina Zaytseva
Instagram: val_letje

Kira van Alphen
Instagram: Alexa_ferocious

Floortje Rodermans (kidspole)
Instagram: Floraredman

Would you like your studio to be featured? Get in touch with us at

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Valentines Day Competition

Valentines Day Competition

💘Valentines Day Competition💘
It's that time of year to show some L O V E 💕 and we know how much all you #polejunkinis have to give! We've got TWO of the brand new Dragonfly limited edition printed sets up for for you and one for your pole sister. To enter, all you have to do is make sure you comment on this Facebook post tagging your pole sister and tell us why you L❤VE poling with them!
The winner will be randomly selected on Valentines Day...good luck and spread the love! ❤️💛💚💙💜

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Studio Spotlight: The Watermelon Studio

Studio Spotlight: The Watermelon Studio

Welcome to our new feature: Studio Spotlight! We’re on the hunt for studio owners  to tell us about what makes them get out of bed in the morning. Studios have been springing up all over the world and we want to know what’s inspired the owners to start their business and how it’s changed their lives.

We’re opening with Gwen Burns - owner of The Watermelon Studio in Edinburgh, kickass pole dancer and all round legend. 

What inspired you to join the pole industry?

The film Rock of Ages! I had just left the cinema and was already texting my friend to come and join me at a lesson. I had one lesson and was hooked, then after 3 lessons I had bought my own pole. The rest is history!

When did you decide that it was an industry you wanted to work in? 

It all happened so fast that I didn't really have time to think about it! I had been asked to teach for a studio not long after attending as a student. I began teaching and loved it! I then had the opportunity to open my own studio, while pursuing this I trained hard and got qualified. Before I knew it The Watermelon Studio had opened and I was in the Pole Industry. Needless to say I love it and haven't looked back since. 

Besides meeting Team Pole Junkie, how has running watermelon changed your life?

My life has definitely changed for the better since meeting the Pole Junkie team! As well as that, Watermelon has made me a lot more confident in myself and I feel very proud with what I have accomplished. I never thought I could help create a home away from home for so many people, that in itself is very rewarding. I've met people from all walks of life and I'm genuinely happy and proud to see these amazing students achieve their goals (in life and at pole). I feel that running Watermelon has made me a better person as well as a strong business woman. I have also made several new friendships which I know will stay with me for life. 

Gwen visiting Pole Junkie HQ

What’s been your favourite moment in the studio?

My favourite moment had to be when we were hosting an in-house competition and Kristy Sellars was performing her 'Toxic' routine. The competition itself was amazing to see, regular students, instructors and students from other studios performing together at the studio, and then Kristy performed. This was the first routine I had ever seen online by a pole artist and instantly became a fan. To see this live in my own studio was a very surreal moment! 

What’s the most challenging aspect of owning a studio?

The most challenging part I would say is to enjoy pole for myself. I lost my love for it slightly by constantly worrying about the syllabus and training certain moves to then be able to teach them etc. It became a lot more like work rather than the hobby I fell in love with. Over time I relaxed with the work side of it, a large part of that came from hiring new instructors as well as taking time to pole for myself. The people I train with have also kept me motivated and are so encouraging and I thank them so much for that!

What was your journey to becoming a teacher?

I was approached to become a teacher without much experience. I decided if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right. This lead me to do my research to become qualified through PDC (Pole Dance Community). This helped me become truly focused and know exactly what weaknesses needed strengthening. When I was fully qualified and insured, I opened the doors to The Watermelon Studio.

What do you think is the biggest benefit for your students?

I believe the biggest benefit for my students is that they have a very clear structure. At Watermelon, each level gets you ready for the next one, safely working on each move and building strength as you go. I am often surprised at how quickly the students get moves which took me months to get, and I've realised this is due to their gradual strength building throughout the levels. 

What’s your studio ‘style’?

I would say our studio is more 'dance' style than 'fitness' style yet we always incorporate both. The dance style shows more in our warm ups and workshops; I believe a lot of this comes down to Kristy Sellars inspiring us from when she first came to visit, the first week we opened. I have also done some dancing over the years and enjoy incorporating that into the studio when I can. I also find dancing a great way to be more creative and show your own personality. 


What advice would you give to future students who might be shy about starting classes?

I would encourage first timers to bring a friend if they are unsure. I believe one lesson is enough to know if you will love it or not, and the first step is just getting through the door. If you do not have a friend willing to join you, you will be fine! I do not know one studio that has not been welcoming. The pole community is like no other and the minute you walk through the door of any studio you will be welcomed with open arms to the pole family.


There's nothing like a pole family!

If you're interested in trying out Gwen's classes check out her website

Would you like your studio to be featured? Get in touch with us at

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Pole Junkie Turns Two

Pole Junkie Turns Two

Pass the Prosecco because today we are celebrating the two year anniversary of launching <3

Every year we pinch ourself that little bit harder and expect to wake up from our Pole Junkie dream - we are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing team, customers and followers who inspire us to keep building PJ and bringing you all the brands a pole dancer could ask for. This last year seems to have passed by in a flash so we thought we'd look back and share some of our personal highlights from 2016. 

January 2016

We kicked off 2016 by sponsoring and vending at Pole Theatre UK Amateur - this is the first competition we ever sponsored back in January 2015 so it has a special place in our hearts. This was the first of six competitions we attended this year and we loved getting the chance to meet and catch up with some of our customers and friends from across the UK at these events.

April 2016

We welcomed the gorgeous, slinkilicious Sarah Blackmilk to Team PJ as our Sponsored Artist. We had followed Sarah through social media since seeing her infamous chair bending and loved her positive attitude and presence in the pole community so we were delighted she wanted to join our team. To read more about Sarah and to find out how to book on to her workshops click here.

May 2016

In early 2016 we began working on a top secret collaboration with the Bad Kitty USA team and in May we released our first PJ PoleFit Exclusives line. This was such an exciting project for us from designing the prints with British designer Elizabeth Rachael, to seeing them come to life on the polewear we all know and love, to having our first in-house photoshoot with BK ambassador Tiff Finney modelling our exclusive designs. 

July 2016

We hit 20,000 FB followers and to celebrate, we held a Pole-sonality Photo Competition  with our biggest ever giveaway. We received over 250 incredible entries and after an intense public votes we announced your top 3 (l-r) Heidi Hildersley, Kirstie Tancock, Louise Nicholson.

August 2016

In August, we had a makeover! We love our new look and from your feedback, you love it too - just what we wanted to hear. Read more about our rebrand here.

September 2017

VEGAS BABY! We headed to Las Vegas to attend the 5th Annual Pole Expo and WOW, what an event. We got to train with our favourite pole stars, hang with our extended pole family and seek out some new and exciting polewear and accessories to line the virtual shelves of Pole Junkie. Alethea Austin plaid shirts, Sarah Scott's Ambigram collection and Sarah Carters "On My Way" Training guide to name a few.

October 2016

With thirteen polewear brands, hundreds of Pleasers and all the essential pole dance accessories, PJ HQ had become a little cramped so in October we expanded our headquarters and welcomed Andrew to a full time role in team PJ - not only does the banter flow but our stock rooms have never been so organised!

November 2016

Since meeting the Bad Kitty team at Pole Expo, we had been working closely with them on the design of new teeny tiny pole shorts and in November we were super excited to be the first to launch the new Bitsy Bottoms. 

We also launched our two new Exclusive prints: Mint Leopard and Tropical Midnight. Cue another crazy day of photoshooting with our gorgeous models Zoe and Tiff which just so happened to clash with launching our biggest ever Black Friday sale...

December 2016

I think we maybe blinked and missed it... we hope all you Polejunkinis got your Christmas pole wear wishes because we sure did send out a lot of little lycra packages ;) 


So cheers to a bigger, better 2017! 

Fancy getting more involved with Pole Junkie? Here's how:

  • Tag us in your Instagram videos and pics @pole_junkie and #polejunkini - whether it's a professional photoshoot pic or a training video from your pole class we want to see it. Nothing gives us a warmer, fuzzier feeling than seeing our beautiful customers in their latest PJ purchases!
  • Do you have a passion for blogging? Whether you fancy writing about your journey in to pole dancing, you fancy reviewing a product you love or have a topic you are just dying to talk about then email us at 
  • Sign up to our Newsletter here to stay up to date with all things Pole Junkie and be the first to hear about discount codes, new products and limited restocks.

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'Tis the season to be gifted!

'Tis the season to be gifted!

As Christmas is nearly upon us and present giving is on everyone’s to do list, you may get asked what you want from friends or family members……my first response is usually “something pole related” followed by “anything from Pole Junkie!” But as a non-poler, how to you know what to buy for a Pole Junkini?!

Fear not…..I had the pleasure of gathering a selection of glorious gifts from Pole Junkie that will suit every budget, so whether you’re compiling your own wish list, wanting to impress your other half with your mad polewear buying skills, or just want to show a small stocking filler gesture, you will find all you need here at Pole Junkie.

Blow the budget – Gifts £60 and over

  Flow Movement by Marlo Fisken Bird of paradise cuff pants £88

Flow Movement by Marlo Fisken Bird of paradise cuff pants £88

Milakrasna Bisera shorts mint £82

Milakrasna Bisera shorts mint £82

Flamingo 808 chrome 8 inch Pleasers £72

Flamingo 808 chrome 8 inch Pleasers £72

Pole Junkie Gift Card £100

Pole Junkie Gift Card £100


Feeling Generous - Gifts under £50

Milakrasna Aleksandra shorts £46

Pole Junkie Bad Kitty Exclusive Mint leopard butterfy top £42

Paradise Chick netcut top Nude £45

Paradise Chick Netcut top Nude £45

Alethea Austin heels ‘Grunge’ plaid shirt red £42


Treat her - Gifts for under £40

Rad stardust leggings – leopard £40

Rad stardust leggings – leopard £40

Ambigram leggings by Sarah Scott - Black £35

Milakrasna Sendi top £39

Rad Moon top black velvet £34

Rad Moon top black velvet £34

Luna polewear cross over shorts £32

Luna polewear cross over shorts £32

Luna polewear Sabina top £32

Luna polewear Sabina top £32

Dragonfly sporty top limited edition blue square print £33


Good things come in small packages - Gifts under £30

Poledancerka up-down micro shorts Army leopard print £30

Poledancerka up-down micro shorts Army leopard print £30

Rad spiderweb shorts £27

 Rad ballet cardigan black £28

 Rad ballet cardigan black £28

Luna Polewear lush suede shorts £27

Luna Polewear lush suede shorts £27

Lacadaze pink shattered glass crop top £25

Rad Peru Blue velvet shorts - electric blue £24

Stocking fillers - Gifts under £20

Pole Junkie Bad Kitty Exclusives Tropical midnight bitsy

Pole Junkie Bad Kitty Exclusives Tropical midnight bitsy bottoms £20 (more colours and styles available)

Rad velvet legwarmers red £20

Rad Velvet legwarmers red £20

Bendy Kate Advanced stretching paperback book £20

Bendy Kate Advanced stretching paperback book £20

Dry hands £10.50

Dry hands £10.50

Tricks tote bag grey/mint limited edition tote for Kirstie Tancock £10 (all proceeds go to Kirstie’s Virgin Money giving page for Harefield Hospital)

Pole junkie Instagram mug black £8.50

Pole Junkie Mugs £8.50

Classy trassy Christmas Card £2.75

Classy trassy Christmas Card £2.75

Whats on your wish list? comment below with your favourite PJ must-haves!

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PJ EXCLUSIVE: sneak preview of new collections…landing soon!

While Team PJ travel back from the desert of pole fabulousness and we’re living vicariously through all the Pole Expo pics, I’m super excited to be able to get the latest scoop on what’s coming through for Pole Junkie this season!

From velvets and lace to knee pads and leg warmers, the team have pulled out the stops to reveal their newest arrivals, hot off the press! Prepare your purses…these beauties are a pole shopaholic’s dream!  

Bad Kitty Lace PoleFit in Purple, Red & Teal

We all loved the nude lace collection from Bad Kitty at the beginning of the year. Now the geniuses at BK have released three new colours purple, red and teal; and (get ready for this) these little numbers are currently exclusive to Pole Junkie in the UK! 

The tops come in three styles; Peekaboo (black mesh cleavage), V front (adjustable flat bra clasp with adjustable neck strap) and the new High Neck Crop top style and the shorts have been finished in the well-loved magical Brazil style.

With the black mesh and floral overlaying these new colours, the illusion of layered fabrics gives even more stand out.

All three colours are available to order online from Thursday 15th September.

Bad Kitty Lace PoleFit in PurpleBad Kitty Lace PoleFit in Teal

Rad – New Velvet Releases

Known for their sexy fashionable style, RAD excels when it comes to high-end luxurious looking polewear. As the autumn season brings a mass of textures, RAD stay true to being fashion forward in releasing new velvet ranges due to land online with us by the end of the month.

The new high waisted Eve shorts come in black, red and navy, they still have the same sexiness of the Peru shorts with a soft leg hole finish and scrunch butt but now with a higher waist – perfect for elongating your legs <3

The Monica top will now be released in red which I’m personally very happy about as this style suits every poler’s body shape and feel’s so luxurious on. The black top sold out really quick though so get your fingers ready to add to the basket when it drops!

I’m especially excited about the new black Moon top. A velvet halter neck with a mesh panel down the front will flatter anyone’s chest. You could even wear this top on a night out with a high waisted skater skirt – for ultimate fashionista goals!

The ever popular Eve halter neck top will also be released in a deep navy and last but not least, the most exciting release for RAD are the new velvet leg warmers! These thigh high beauties are the same stretch fabric as the leggings, perfect for dancing in and the stirrup ends will work perfectly with pleasers or bare foot. Velvet leg warmers will be available in black, red, pink and blue….don’t know about you, but I’m buying all 4!

Rad Eve halterneck in NavyRad Black moon top Rad Monica top

Poledancerka – kneepads and brand new shorts

Relatively new to Pole Junkie, this brand has a contemporary, innovative style which is continuing to grow. We have all been excited at the revolutionary new knee pads that were released at the beginning of the year. Now Poledancerka have released a new army leopard print to their designs which gives you even more colourways to team with your polewear. The new style have the same stylish quilted pattern at the front and an exposed back with a sticky pvc side to allow for knee hangs and pole grips. These have just been released on the website today (Tuesday 13th September) - check them out here.

Army Leopard kneepadsArmy Leopard print kneepadsArmy leopard print knee pads

And as if new patterns weren’t enough…..I’m excited to reveal the newest release of polewear from Poledancerka – Up-Down Micro Shorts. With a soft Lycra finish, 4-way stretch and no waistband, these new breathable shorts can be worn high or low waisted and better yet they are so smooth that you can wear them under dresses or skirts – perfect for those opportune street pole moments! The new range comes in Black, Ivory White or Army Leopard and have also been released today - click here to take a closer look.

Another new polewear release for Poledancerka is the simple yet beautiful Fiocco top. With a deep neckline at the back and ribbon across the shoulders, this top looks effortlessly flattering. Black works well with any colour so this staple piece would go with any piece from your poledrobe!  Now available here.

EXCLUSIVE: Marlo Fisken Flow Pants

I’m totally biased with this new range but am bursting at the seams with this news! Marlo Fisken Flow pants are coming to Pole Junkie….exclusively in Europe!

If you know much about Marlo you’ll know she is the Queen of fluid movement. Her flow pants are true to her vision of how the body should move – however it wants to.  These awesome designs sit light on your body whilst allowing freedom of movement and the light elastic at the waistband, combined with the harem pockets and silky fabric makes them feel extra comfy.

Priced from £74 these bottoms come in 5 different designs (I want all of them!) and are perfect for stretch classes, warm ups, floorwork or just hanging out when it’s a lazy day! Grab yourself a pair quick….flow pants will be available from Wednesday 14th September and I have no doubt these will fly off the shelf!

So now the biggest question of all for you polejunkini’s……what new items will be going straight in your basket?!

Happy Shopping!

Dominique x

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It's Friday and we are packing our polewear and pleasers because on Monday we are trading rainy Glasgow for super sunny LAS VEGAS! We are heading to the city that never sleeps to attend the 5th annual Pole Expo and we are mega excited to take workshop with our favourite pole stars and party with our pole family <3.

We'll be sneaking a peek at the Autumn/Winter collections from your favourite brands before they hit the virtual shelves of Pole Junkie later this month. We will also be keeping our eyes peeled for any new brands we think our #polejunkins can't live without.

Make sure you are following us @pole_junkie on Instagram - we'll be keeping it updated with behind-the-scenes Expo pics and sneaky snaps of your future winter wardrobe.

Never fear, while we are away our packing team will be making sure all your polewear needs are satisfied and that your orders arrive on time. However please note, no returns will be processed while we are away - these will be processed w/c 12th September.

Now... did someone say pool party?

Not attending this year?

It's every pole dancers rite of passage to attend at least one Pole Expo in their lifetime so check out what all the fuss is about here and start saving for next year!


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On Wednesdays we wear OUR NEW MAKEOVER

We are wetting our Brazil shorts with excitement to officially introduce our new makeover to our #PoleJunkinis! It's difficult to type whilst simultaneously badly celebratory Macarena dancing and drinking fizz through these straw spectacles but we have to tell you about our new look now (before we end up being distracted by the bubbles and chocolate platters we will inevitably end up ordering). So listen up...

YOU, our customers, are strong, bold, beautiful, and have clean lines that Darcy Bussell would kill for. And because you embody Pole Junkie, we wanted a logo that would be as strong, bold, beautiful and clean lined as you are. 

It has been so important to myself and Heather, from the days where PJ was conceived over brunch, that we wanted to create a brand that would represent *you*. Without you, there is no pole community. It is you that inspires us to provide the best apparel from the best brands all over the world. To cover you head to toe in these quality pole brands that make you think, "YES, this is what i feel good in. This is perfect for the pole style I love and expresses who I am"- well that is all we strive for. 

To everyone we have met in the last 2 years at conventions, competitions, our online customers and pole friends.. THANK YOU for your constant support of PJ. We hope you love our new logo and rebrand as much as we do. It's as much yours as it ours. Sharon Caddie, thank you for making our rebrand come to life, the drinks are definitely on us!

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